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Two Times the Bible Fun

Check out these two new videos on Bibledex, with yours truly sandwiched between some great scholars. The older gentleman in the three-piece suit is my supervisor, Anthony Thiselton (the T-dawg):

Bethany beware! I have a rake!

Recently, I have had some difficulty sleeping through the entire night. On those evenings when I have a relatively uninterrupted stretch of slumber, however, I tend to have vivid and notably bizarre dreams. The morning after a series of bizarre dreams, I recounted to Bethany over breakfast the journey of my mind only hours before while I lay in bed.

The dream was structured in two unrelated parts that simply ran from one to the other. In the first part I found myself with a friend from California, Robert Bruce (as a side note, it turns out that my ancient ancestor, Angus Og, protected his ancient ancestor and namesake- an act which eventually enabled Robert the Bruce to become the first king over all of Scotland- For this reason, I believe he owes me five dollars) standing outside in a small field surrounded by a forest next to a large concrete structure. It looked like an open-air hallway that stretched on endlessly. It had a plain, tall, concrete wall on the left and a partially-canopied series of recesses in the wall on the right, where dumpsters were stored. The hallway was filled with enormous sofas (about 15×30 feet), which were tipped forward and the dumpsters were filled with smaller sofas. I asked Rob, “So, what happened with your jobs?” To which he responded, “Well the first one fired me, but then they hired me back, and then the second one fired me, but then they hired me back. They said I was the only intelligent person to work for them and that they should not have fired me in the first place.” I agreed. After our conversation, Rob hopped on top of the nearest sofa and began running, hopping, and somersaulting across all of the sofas toward the end of the hall. When he got near to the end, he turned to his right and saw a panel of judges sitting in one of the recesses (I could now see though his eyes). It turns out this was part of his job interview, and the person who moved across the sofas the quickest would get the job. At first, Rob was worried, because he had been goofing around and didn’t realize it was an interview, but then he remembered how out of shape everyone else was with whom he worked, and assured himself that the job was in the bag.

The interview process

Following this bizarre job-interview, I found myself in a car with two  friends from high school. As we drove around, we conversed about various unmemorable things until the two asked me, “What would you do if Bethany ever left you?” I quickly responded, “Oh, Bethany would never leave me! You see, we have a contract, a prenuptial agreement, which states that if she ever leaves me, I am allowed to hit her on the bottom of her bare feet with a rake every day.” I awoke at this point and ended my dream quite abruptly.

As I finished recounting this to wife, she responded, “Oh! I just remembered my dream!”

“I was eating some toast… that’s all.”

I am now enrolled in courses on dream interpretation, anger management, and “appropriate usage of gardening instruments,” while Bethany has enrolled in two courses on storytelling and arithmetic, with an emphasis on ratios.