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“The Orphic Locality of Spider Toots”— OR— “Praxis: Obviating Jurisprudence”

One of the many difficulties that companies face in trade with Indonesia is the (often) blatant disregard for trademark and copyright laws. This crystallized for me the other day after receiving a gift from a colleague in the form of “Monopoly Junior: Spiderman” edition. In addition to the fact that the game board was nothing more than a laminated, construction paper version of a photocopied original, the game pieces, box materials, and rules were laughable forgeries.

External normality, but the secrets lie within

External normality, but the secrets lie within


What nearly incapacitated me, however, was the unsubstantiated promise at the conclusion of the rules. I searched at great length, but found the box lacking.

Hasbro! You owe me some farts!