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The Real Hobbit (with bonus features!)

So, in case you haven’t seen those horrid Hobbit films, my five-year old has been working on a project to forestall you should you even have even a soupçon of an inkling of a hint of a desire to waste a moment of your life viewing such cinematic offal. We’ve been reading through the Hobbit and, over the weeks, I find him illustrating the episodes we have completed (plus some bits from the 1977 vibrato cartoon)— from Hobbiton, to trolls, to Gollum, to the eagle’s eyrie, to Beorn, to Mirkwood and beyond. He’s even created some bonus features. His artistic mastery, combined with his faithfulness to the tale puts that bearded, CGI-obsessed kiwi to shame. Look! And Behold!

But there’s more! Whenever we’re caught waiting for a bus or taxi, or just on a long drive, I tell the boy other stories from the Tolkien world as I can recall them. Mayhaps the aesthetic glory will compel you to read further?