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Ode to the Six-Stone Swan of Attenborough

6-Stone Swan of Attenborough

Under a sky heavy-laden with clouds

One finds the pebbled path

Stuck fast betwixt the willows

Guided by the Trent, carrying its pellucid offering to Brigantia

This umber road presses its travelers ever forward

Nymphs whisper softly of legendary fowl

The northern ponds yield not your ethereal presence

Every corner promises you, the oaks sway in assent

Mounds betray your former haven

Across a bridge which bears the weight of time

Yet has not borne such a burden as thee

Downward one must travel, ever hastily downward

Another pool breaks through the arborous wall

There you reveal your avian majesty

A tortuous ivory neck, bent as a shepherd’s crook

Sable trunks undulate with great effort like the rising and crashing of the Deep

Thy gait they dare to deem “pigeon-toed”

Though you surely demonstrate it as “swan-footed”

Every gesticulation comes with a heave of your great breast

Straining for breath

As you have engorged yourself on the daily offerings

The goose, the mallard, they shudder at your attendance

With wings upraised you flaunt your glory

Enraged at the presence of the avian serfdom

The earth quakes at each step, pleading for your mercy

At long last, you heed its request

For it has declared you sovereign

Reluctantly your feet lead you to water’s edge

Each footfall brings you closer to your fluid perch

You have abandoned the shore in confidence

Preserved by the writ of royalty

Nary shall you cast your gaze behind

Now the river shall bear the burden of your legs